Free Candidates

At Big Fish Little Fish, we want to swim further for you, we will fish as deep as needed to secure your catch of the day!

Currently, we are able to offer you your Permanent recruitment with NO FEES until the candidate has worked on-site for 4-weeks, then we will give you a further 4-weeks to pay.

The reason for this is if your candidate does not work out, you have incurred no cost, but within the first 4-weeks, you will know if the person is right for you, and you are right for them.

This is us giving you our trust and commitment that we find the right talent and endeavour to work with you time and time again.

As I have been out to see many clients over the years, I like to ask what they like about using recruiters, what they do not like, what annoys and frustrates – the biggest is receiving an invoice for someone who has not even taken their coat off.

So at Big Fish Little Fish, we will assure you this will not happen.

Please contact us for full terms of business and discuss in more depth.