5 Signs that it’s time to expand your team

As a business owner, seeing your company grow can be exciting, however, we understand the resistance when it comes to dealing with the overhead of hiring extra employees. As you approach the decision of whether to expand your team, we’ve outlined some red flags that may signal its time.

1.     Friction in your Team

This is a crucial sign to watch out for. Whether they’re putting stress on themselves to meet multiple deadlines due to a high workload, or there’s friction between team members when working on specific projects. Friction and stress within your team can cause unhappy employees as well as work being rushed.

Be careful not to push your employees beyond their limits. A new team member can help to assist with the workload and bring a fresh perspective to the working environment. Keeping your company culture positive and providing an enjoyable working environment is vital for any business.

2.     Deadlines aren’t being met

Where there’s stress, there’s the chance of missing out on deadlines. If extra effort is needed for a particular project, other deadlines are likely to be missed or extended. This could result in promises to clients not being met, or other employees not being able to do their job until others have completed their tasks.

If this is the case, new employees can help to assist in workload and as a result, meet deadlines set either internally, or by your clients.

3.     Business Loss

Nothing hurts more in a business than an unhappy client. Whether the work your producing is not up to the usual standard, or not getting done at all, keeping your clients happy should be one of the main priorities of your business. If your clients are a little too quiet or have multiple complaints, it’s time to look into how hiring an extra team member can fix this problem.

4.     Turning Down Offers

With business growth comes an increase in sales. Whilst this might be music to your ears (or bank account), if your team can’t handle the mass amount of work they currently have, they’re not likely able to handle anything new coming in the door.

If you’re having to turn down offers (and money) take a look at areas in your team where expansion can help to handle the extra business you’re signing.

5.     A Fresh Perspective

Whilst you might have hired ‘experts’, new employees can help to bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to your team. We don’t doubt that your team members are more than capable of carrying out their jobs, however, hiring someone new can help to elevate the level of service you’re providing. As they say, two heads are better than one.

If you’re looking to expand your team, get in touch. It’s important for us to find the right people for the right jobs. This is more than just a skills match, but a personality matches too, making sure that the candidate and the company are the perfect match for each other.